Our law firm focuses on providing legal advice to both legal and natural persons, as well as on representing these entities in disputes before courts of justice or arbitration. The firm’s lawyers currently provide permanent legal advice to ten large commercial companies covering all regular and occasional legal issues. Here are a few examples of activities that our law firm covers regularly:
  •     Assisting clients in negotiating contracts
  •     Drawing up commercial contracts of any sort
  •     Assisting clients in commercial settlements
  •     Representing clients in litigations to recover receivables
  • Assisting client to preparing bid documentation
  • Assisting clients in green energy projects   
  • Contesting records of findings especially with the Ministry of Public Finance and the Customs Bureau or any other state bodies (90% winning percentage against Romanian tax authorities)
  •     Canceling trade marks
  •     Individual or collective dismissals
  •     Bankruptcy or legal liquidations
  •     Drawing up articles of incorporation for commercial companies and representing such companies before the Bucharest Trade Register Office

Considering that, by definition, legal activities should cover the entire range of social relationships, and that, within the framework of legal practice, specialization represents a fundamental principle, we ought to say that we are one of the few law firms competent to provide legal assistance and representation at the highest level in the following fields:

  • Commercial law
  • Fiscal law and banking
  • Civil law
  • Labour law
  • Copyright
  • Criminal law